Earth is dead. Used-up and broken.

Now, on a barely habitable hostile alien world, one lone colony is home to the last remnants of the human race… But it’s cold and lonely out there in the dark void of space, and the last dim ember of humanity is flickering and threatening to die out.

In a shanty town built underneath, and out of, the floating hulk of the vessel that they arrived on, the colonists are permanently trapped in the shadow of their past. There was no new beginning when they arrived on this brave new world. The chaos and corruption that plagued humanity on Earth was simply exported to the stars. The colony is built on rotten foundations and it is collapsing.

Collapsing, but not quite lost… Out of darkness and violence, one last hope for the future emerges.  An adopted orphan girl with fantastic, horrifying powers that would ordinarily see her branded a witch – Betsy finds that fate seems to have other plans for her. Along with a ragtag group of broken knights and unlikely heroes, Betsy sets off on a path that will bring her face to face with her own destiny, and the destiny of the entire human race.

Vessels started life as an intellectual property / visual development project for my portfolio From there it morphed to being a graphic novel with writer Drew Dewhirst (still in progress).

Recently the advent of Green NFT’s through Hic et Nunc and the Tezos block chain has allowed Vessels to evolve into a community driven project. The community members, through discord, are now actively engaged with world building, fan fiction and creative input to the project. We have a whole world to create and we want you to be involved in building it! What do the queens guards get up to when they are off duty. How do the Dragon Squad bring down a giant fire breathing monster, where are the missing colonies? Maybe you have the answers to these mysteries?

Our collection page is the best place to view the collection of work and has links through to the main collection of OBJKT’s on H=N

We have a discord here, which acts as the main creative and engagement hub for the project